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Roller Blinds

Gorgeous stripes and patterns or plain and functional

The Avon Blinds range of Roller blinds are sourced from several different manufacturers, so we can offer a great range. 

Even if someone has told you the fabric you like is unique to them, we can source it for less, nine times out of ten.

Our Roller blinds offer great value, and a bigger range of colours and styles than most of the competition. 

Get in touch with rough measurements, or a photo of the window(s), let us know what kind of thing you are looking for and we can get back to you with rough prices. 

Then we can pop out and bring our mobile showroom! 

Please feel free to open these books in a full sized window by clicking the link below. 

If you want a sample or ten from either of these companies, you can do it through their webiste. 

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